Since 1975, we have led the effort to grow the sport of Rugby in Connecticut. The FRC has fielded local and national champions in every age group.  We are involved in local charities and actively promote the idea of the circle of life - That Rugby supports young men and women throughout their lives.  Through the relationship with their club they have access to schools, employers and most of all friends for life.

Our Mission

Fairfield Rugby Club (FRC) is a community of people of all ages brought together by a love of the great sport of rugby and a dedication to fostering character, camaraderie, athletic excellence, service to others and lifelong friendships.  

We provide the highest level of rugby coaching, athletic training facilities and organizational support for players and fans from the beginning of school through “Old Boys/Old Girls” and beyond.    

FRC is dedicated to bringing our members the opportunity to play the game at a variety of levels, up to the highest levels of play; to support our teams as passionate, respectful fans; to enjoy each other’s friendship at social events throughout the year; and to make strong, positive contributions to our community.

What We've Achieved

  • 1975 - Fairfield Yankees Founded
  • 2002 - Fairfield High School Rugby
  • 2004 - Fairfield Yankees National Championship
  • 2013 - Fairfield Youth Rugby Programs
  • 2015 - High School Ranked #8 nationally
  • 2015 - State Champions: High School, U14, and U12.
  • 300 Active Members
  • 1,500 Alumni
  • Clubhouse at Grace O'Malley's