Fairfield Rugby Club offers annual registration/membership or registration by program/season. We encourage you to sign up for the annual membership so that you can participate in all training opportunities and social events throughout the year.

Youth Players:

Parents: Please sign your child up based on the age matrix below:

The level of your child is indicated by your child's age as 8/31/2017.

Age 9 and under by 8/31/2017: U-10

Age 11 and under by 8/31/2017: U-12

Age 13 and under (or 8th grade and under) by 8/31/2017: U-14

Age 18 and under (any high school grade): U-19


Adult Players:

For adult men and women players, if you are looking for a competitive rugby team, please go to http://fairfieldyankeesrugby.org/ to sign up to play.

For social rugby players, please sign up for social touch rugby ,“old boys”/”old girls” rugby.


Do you have any questions? Contact us at social@fairfieldrugby.org.